Civil law is a set of legal rules and legal principles governing personal and property relations in which legal entities are adapted and autonomous. The classical areas of civil law are the law of obligations (including compensation, contract law, etc.), substantive law (including neighbourhood law) and inheritance law. The broader notion of civil law also includes family law (divorce, children, contacts, alimony, etc.) and civil enforcement law. The latter is constituted by the legal rules and legal principles governing the enforced execution of claims (i.e. enforcement) and the legal rules and principles governing the protection of the possibility of subsequent enforcement (i.e., insurance). It is about legal representation and counselling for clients in pre-trial and various judicial procedures (litigation, non-litigation, etc.). The fundamental principles of civil law are the principle of conscientiousness and fairness, as well as the prohibition of the abuse of rights by legal entities.

The lawyer obtained an MSc in civil and commercial law, from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Furthermore, he spent ten years working in various courts and dealt extensively in legal practice. He represents his clients in various civil proceedings (lawsuits, written submissions, representation in hearings for main trial and other procedural acts of courts), in various non-litigious proceedings, for example, in succession proceedings, procedures for the separation of joint ownership and common property, in land registry procedures. The lawyer represents creditors and debtors as well as third parties in various types of court enforcement procedures and insurance procedures. The lawyer primarily (and usually always, if the matter allows before the litigation) represents his clients outside litigation and procedures with the aim of peaceful solution of legal problems or legal matters. The lawyer draws up various statements of will, different types of contracts; he also represents aggrieved parties in their dealings with insurance companies (damages, insurance fees, etc.). Among other, the lawyer represents clients in mediation procedures and various types of arbitration procedures.