Administrative law covers legal rules on the organization and activities of the state and public administration, the rights and obligations in administrative-law relations, and the supervision and accountability of administrative bodies. It covers organizational administrative law (structure and activities of the public administration, especially the state administration), activities of administrative bodies (legislative, executive, determining, inspection, public services, etc.), material administrative law (rights and duties of legal entities in which one party is usually the bearer of power or public authorisation as a dominant authority that decides on the right, obligation, or the benefit of another legal entity that is adapted and usually a subordinate legal or natural person).

The lawyer has extensive work experience in public/state administration, specifically in the legal service of one of the government ministries. In addition, he passed an exam in the field of public administration at the Administrative Academy of the Ministry of Public Administration – for appointment to the title – and at the same academy, he also passed an exam in the Administrative Procedure Act. The lawyer represents his clients in administrative procedures (applications, letters, complaints etc.) in front of various administrative bodies (ministries, administrative units, e.g. FURS, public institutions, etc.), as well as in administrative disputes at the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia and in related court proceedings. The lawyer also has experience in representing as a plenipotentiary, for example, of public institutes and other administrative bodies, including bodies of municipal/local self-government.