The founder of the law firm is Damjan Merhar, MSc. We have been an independent law firm since 2011, but with extensive experience both in the state administration and in administrative procedures, in various courts (in various legal procedures), and previously in legal practice.

The lawyer Damjan Merhar, who holds an MSc in legal sciences, is building a law firm with a goal that is fully and constantly improved, namely, to work with clients in every concrete case on the basis of personal approach and as promptly, professionally and comprehensively as possible in all legal fields throughout the entire Republic of Slovenia.

The law office operates and improves daily, constantly striving to successfully complete its mission in various fields of law: civil, commercial, criminal, labour, social, administrative, etc.


»Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem.«

»To know the laws does not mean to memorise their text by heart, but to know their purpose and meaning.”«